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Dedicated dance educator of 30 years, Michelle Manzanales, is a co-founder of the Latinx Dance Educators Alliance and Director of Ballet Hispánico’s School of Dance in New York City. Ms. Manzanales is committed to creating an environment where all students are inspired to explore movement, feel supported in their individual dance journeys, and draw meaningful connections between dance and their lives. 


Manzanales has co-presented for the New York State Dance Educators Association, ARTs + Change, and the National Dance Education Organization conferences, Questioning TODO: A Latinx Inquiry of Culturally Responsive Pedagogy, a direct response to the historical and continued exclusion of Latinx contributions and experiences in the dance field.


Latinx Dance Educators Alliance

Michelle Manzanales is the Co-Founder of the Latinx Dance Educators Alliance along with colleague, Kiri Avelar.  A free resource site for educators, LXDEA aims to hold space for thoughtful exchange in sharing perspectives from our lived experiences as Latinx/a/o and Hispanic dance educators. 

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